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Alfa promo team is a professional services agency that quickly and easily finds the right hosts, promoters and models for the best possible placement of your products or services on the market. We want to be recognized as professional support in your business and all promotional activities through a qualified host team.

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The idea is to provide every client with a striking and attractive appearance on the market, adequate communication and contact with consumers, a creative business gift for every occasion and effective promotion of products, services and ideas.

Our vision is to give our girls, through education and practical work, an opportunity to gain experience in the business and provide space for developing skills for further improvement and promotion. We want to capitalize on their potential and, through cooperation with us, get a clear picture for choosing a profession and building a future career. We want our girls to differ and stand out through the quality of branding and promotion of our clients' services at the highest level in several foreign languages. We insist on accuracy, reliability and seriousness. We lose true value in order to maintain a high level of business.

Alfa Promo Team is a synonym for fair business!

Promo Team

Jelena K.

Kristina V.

Antonina F.

Dunja H.