About Us

Alfa promo team is a professional services agency that quickly and easily finds the ri for the best possible placement of your products or services on the market. We want to be recognized as professional support in your business and all promotional activities through a qualified host team.

Regular practice has shown that the engagement of trained young girls who advocate and promote brands in the public better sell every product. These girls become your “brand ambassador”. Therefore, we see our task as a challenge to present our clients to the environment in the best light on a creative and different way, and to make every promotion unique through service quality and professionalism.


Our goal is to engage young people, first and foremost, quality and trained, who will at any moment provide our clients with adequate services of presenting and placing you, yourself and your products or services on the market. We see this kind of work as part-time jobs and most often we choose girls who deal with this in parallel with formal or non-formal education while preparing for more serious careers in selected areas.

In accordance with special requirements, we are able to organize unique visual solutions and hostesses for the needs of thematic evenings according to the theme of the event.

In addition to the basic services of hosts, promoters and photo-models of our agency, for exhibitions, exhibitions, catalogs, newspapers, billboards, informers, promoters of your products or services, we also offer an opportunity for exhibitions, promotions and presentations. organizing casting for roles in movies, TV shows, music and advertising videos (actors and stats), for audience in TV shows, for staff of congresses, conferences, fairs, promotions and concerts (conferences, hostesses, promoters) and for fashion events and editorials (men’s and photo-models).

At any time we are here, ready for any arrangement and presentation, and our doors are always open to new clients and associates, as well as new members of our Alfa promo team.